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Run Meeting Time and Location

  • All runs to meet at 8:00 a.m. and depart 8:30 a.m. unless otherwise specified and for fish and chip runs 5 pm meet for 5:30 p.m. departure.
  • Runs will usually be the first Sunday after the Monday Meeting unless otherwise specified and fish and chip runs as on the last Saturday of the month.
  • Runs will meet at the designated points as listed below of North, South and West; unless otherwise specified.

Notes: Fish & chip runs to be decided at each meeting and someone to organise run, venue and Booking, timings TBA.

Run Policies and Etiquette

Run participants are:

  • To ensure that their vehicle has adequate fuel to reach the destination or the next planned fuel stop.
    Run departures will not be delayed for those vehicles needing last minute fuel; there is always ample time before departure time to refuel.
  • Urged to be on time for the commencement of the run, 8am for 8.30 means be there at 8am, have a chat, refuel, go the toilet, get a coffee and be ready for the run coordinators instructions. Should a member be running behind, or wishing to join the run en-route please contact the run coordinator long before run commencement time.
  • Urged to keep together wherever possible, particularly in built up areas. The leader will pull over where safe and wait for everyone to get through lights etc.
  • To keep a eye out for the vehicle behind and shall slow down or stop so they can catch up before taking the next turn, if this is done then the Run Coordinator would slow, and if required stop.
  • Not permitted to overtake the designated run leader. However members may move about in the group,
    overtaking when safe and legal.
  • To keep to approximately 50 meters behind the vehicle in front where safe and practical, this allows other traffic room to pass and lets the driver in front know that you are having no problems.
  • Encouraged to remain with the group until the agreed point at the end of the event. This also applies to static displays such as car shows etc.
  • Encouraged to carry a small portable UHF CB radio and set it to Channel 20. Such radios are relatively inexpensive, and have ranges varying from around one to five kilometers. Have a spare set of batteries in the glove box. They are invaluable and a medium by which to keep informed about what is going on, and to let the group know if you have become separated or broken down. They are also very good in areas where mobile phones do not work.

Run coordinators are:

  • To provide a drivers briefing prior to departure for the run
  • To lead the run, keeping to approximately 10km/h under the speed limit where possible
    (slowing down if vehicle behind is out of sight).
  • Provide the address of each stopping point, to allow those that may get lost the chance to catch up.